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The return of the open Board meeting

As part of trying to make it clearer wtf the Fedora Project Board does (buzzwords: open, visible, accountable), we decided to start holding open meetings once a month (approximately one out of every four meetings.) The current goal is to use the Project’s Asterix server, so the Board can talk in real time and have the audio streamed as a simulcast for everyone to listen to. Then contributors with questions or comments can either queue up for a limited pool of voice lines, or ask on IRC with the question read out loud.

The first of these meetings is going to be IRC-only, so we can get started on the goal before the technology is ready for us. Details are in this f-announce-l post from Paul.  It’s today, in just a few hours.

Kind of like the venerated town hall concept.  Let’s find out if it is cool or not, eh?