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EPEL duple at the Red Hat Summit

Super excited that both Michael Stahnke’s talk and my EPEL talk got accepted for the 2008 Red Hat Summit. You may notice that I matched the style of my page to Michael’s. This reflects the EPEL talks that are a duple, that is, two parts made to fit together into a more meaningful whole, such as the yolk and albumen of an egg.

However, of the talks Michael proposed, it was his “Managing Updates and Upgrades” that got in, which is not his EPEL talk. 🙁 Anyway, it will probably be better attended with that topic, just as my talk renamed to “Fedora Packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux” has a higher chance of attracting people than an obscure acronym. Although I still maintain that throwing in “and CentOS” wouldn’t hurt audience size. But it might allow me to lean on some friendly colleagues who work with the ISVs to get ISV partners at my talk. Which would be a bonus. Spread the word!

Still, the original plan of a perfect duple is on the wayside. I’m hoping there is some room for Michael to cover EPEL a wee bit, and make a plug for my talk later for follow up. That leaves me room to cover history, practical items, some nuts and bolts about using EPEL in an enterprise setting, and the business and community aspects of EPEL. If we both can attend the other’s session, we can fuel answers and discussion.