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Fedora at Sun’s Community One event

On Monday 5 May, I’ll be attending Sun’s CommunityOne, an open and no-cost event for developers. Aside from going for the general interest and relationship to $dayjob, I’ll be giving a talk on Fedora and sitting on an “Operating System Community Panel.” As a bonus, the Community One pass gives access to the pavilion and conference sessions at JavaOne on Tuesday.

From the cool pool of existing presentations, I’ll be cooking up one that focuses on developers — why Fedora is of interest to them as developer/users, and more importantly, why it is of interest as a contributor. You can be sure that OpenJDK 6 in Fedora is going to be a big focus.

After that talk I’ll step in to the panel to answer questions with the other OS presenters from OpenSolaris, OpenSuse, and Ubuntu (kick ass!). That should be fun. I’m not big on in-person confrontation, and hopefully Fedora can take the high-ground as usual, but with people finally getting and making the point about why Fedora’s upstream mantra is best, I hope we get a chance to dive into that. However, I expect it will be all about codecs or something, since developers apparently like to listen to music when they code. 🙂

Let me know if you plan on being at CommunityOne or JavaOne, would love to see or meet Fedora faces.