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Girls love chicks

My daughters have been mainly happy with the chicks, and not happy with the new chores, but we had a minor epiphany last weekend. Around a dozen girls were here, ages 2 to 11, for Saskia’s 7th birthday party.  All of them are currently or were in the same homeschooling program. Somewhere in there the chicks were discovered, and many girls made many taming friendships with the chicks. Girls sitting in a circle, each stroking the gullet of a chick to put it to sleep (thanks to Mikaela’s country girl skills.)

Under the neighbor’s apricot and nectarine trees is a cool, shady spot.  The chicks daytime box was there for a few days.  This is a refrigerator box recut and folded to create an open topped box 24 in./71 cm tall, with chicken wire stretched over the top and two boards providing shade.  The chicks used this outside, with an open water and feed, for about the first week.  This is where the girl crew found the chicks, and it became a sweet spot to just hang out with the chicks.  They crawled on heads, stood in pairs on shoulders, rode around on fingers, and even sat on a few branches.

At that point, we’d had the chicks for two weeks and two days, so they are around five weeks old.  Their size is a good handful, and in fact is about the same area as my elongated fist.  When we get the farm pictures gallery up later, I’ll post some of the pictures from this party.