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Big on freedom doesn’t mean rabid

I’m sure that Jono Bacon didn’t mean to equate everyone who insists on a 100% free software distribution with rabid people-kickers “full of vitriol.”  It just sounded as if that is what he meant to say.  And since he asked that when we observe people being vitriolic, negative, and oppressive of other’s choices in the FLOSS world, we would ask them nicely to stop it.  So, Jono, I’m asking you nicely to please adjust your talk to emphasize that you are only talking about a small subset of those passionate about a 100% free software distribution.  For example, Fedora is such a distribution, and if you spend any time watching the community, you find the same range of opinions on freedom and features as you do in other open source communities.  The difference is, in Fedora, we won’t compromise but instead put our energy in to the advancement of FLOSS.

Context – I’m at Sun’s CommunityOne, preparing for giving a talk on contributing to Fedora, and sat through Jono’s talk.  As I say in this Dev Fu post, it is amazing how closely thematic our talks our.  Passionate people sharing the love of open collaboration and freedom with people around the world, through the medium of free and open source software.  Right on, man.