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Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

Following up on my post about Jono Bacon’s topic of the ‘vocal minority’, I asked him directly to make it clear that when he is talking about this vocal minority, he really means a relatively small subset of people to whom freedom is the most important feature. Point made and taken.

The resulting discussion followed us over (failing to find) coffee, into the panel, and came with us into a podcast recording. We beat on that subject for a while, more laughter than tears, and I think the summation of that discussion is, “It’s not RMS who is a problem, it is the self-appointed henchmen who don’t understand the issues as deeply as a thinker like RMS. Now stop scaring away new contributors!”

Overall, the experience I had was awesome. Good enough, in fact, to warrant a separate blog post, which I’ll begin right after this one. I just wanted to close the loop that, after the further discussion, it is pretty clear the group is in agreement.

(Title for this post comes from an old US commercial for (IIRC) a hair care product, where a woman declares, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”)