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Wiki gardening in the garden

Today is a holiday in the US (Memorial Day), and I’m spending part of mine working on the Fedora Project wiki migration. To be honest, I’m not a big BBQ party type of person, and living in a beach community that is the target of tourism, sometimes it is nicest to enjoy a holiday from inside my own backyard.

So, I am gardening the wiki from within my own garden. The weather is clear and a bit windy, with cloudlets migrating West to East. In my current view are a revealed wild rose bush in all its seasonal glory; we cleared out a big planter box and weeded yesterday to reveal yet another hidden treasure. In the far view, redwoods and tall palm trees are pulled in the wind. One stand of palms are blowing steady, as they might on an island. This is a bit unusual, our winds here in the valley/river bottom tend to be whippy and change directions often. The effect is bucolic and a bit tropical, although it’s only 16C. In a few minutes I’ll move out of the encroaching sun to get some shade. It’s not a bad place to be, if you have to be somewhere doing something.

(Hat tip to Max, who said I should post about this. It’s good to reveal the work-personal balance happening in real time.)