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Wiki mid-migration update

Howdy from your friendly Wiki Gardener crew. Saturday’s early-import of data from Moin Moin to MediaWiki went well, after the usual sunburn and problems with attachments. The new wiki is alive for work, but is subject to random outages as Ricky thinks of clever new things to make the final migration days go easier.

Many of us have begun doing these things:

  • Updating our personal pages
  • Working on our project pages to fix formatting problems
  • Reattaching attachments to pages
  • Making how-to and to-do pages so everyone has some help with the floodgates open on Tuesday

If you want to help, drop by #fedora-docs on; check out the /topic for updated links and such. We’re starting to populate the new master to-do list.  By tomorrow we need to have some deep clarity for contributors who are ready to start using the new wiki.