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Miniature dinosaurs in my garden

Working today on solving a long-standing SSL problem with, here in the garden is where I came to escape the Harry Potter + Lego fest in the living room. Five of the buff orpington hens are on their first outing ranging around our garden. This side of the property is a bit weedier than the new farm part out back, and plenty to pick, peck, and cluck through.

A few minutes ago, Lucky, so named because she lost her rearward facing toe sometime in her first two weeks of life, boldly jumped on to my laptop, then to the top of the LCD. It folded flat (wide open) under her weight, and she flapped down. I had to deflect her a second time a minute later, and since then she has just eyed me a few times with that yellow gaze.

Watching them pick at then choose to skip over spiders and such, I am reminded of all the history of these animals, mammals, insects, and the various speculative stories I’ve read over the years. I can imagine being a miniature being with this cold gaze eying me as food. I can imagine that right now, because I think that is what Lucky is doing with her yellow eye.