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Travelogue — Summit bound

Some memes surround activities as does fog by the Bay. Flying over the Sierra, Lake Tahoe about to slip below, it’s the kind of time where a disconnected writer is tempted to journal even without a blog client. This infamous travelogue. That’s right, a plain text editor (/usr/bin/emacs for me) is all between me and nothing to do. True, this is jetBlue with the satellite TV at every seat (although it’s undergoing it’s third reset trying to get it to work), so my NADD can be fulfilled.

This is my first jetBlue flight, going fine so far. Oakland International (OAK) was the usual big airport experience. Big parts “under construction” with new services “coming soon”, please “pardon our dust.” I guess it’s all being funded with profits from the wireless network. Boingo service is the vendor of choice at OAK, and it would have been a pricey $4 per hour for me. I might consider $1 per hour, although free makes more sense. Heck, I’d arrive earlier for flights and buy more from their various stores if I could get some work done. While they are at it, how about a few more AC power outlets? Instead I took a nap so I would be alert for the flight.

All lands that flies well, and we hit BOS right on time, with a tailwind making up for the late departure. Although it took another hour to get to the hotel, I enjoyed taking the T instead of a taxi, as I had always previously done. Apparently I picked a great night to not wear my “I {heart} LA” shirt (fact: I do not really have one.) The Boston Celtics were about to hit the boards against the LA Lakers in game 6 of the NBA championship. The T was awash with green t-shirts and other Celtics wear. Myself? I couldn’t care less, I’m from Northern California (Golden State Warriors is the team there, if one cares), and I just didn’t want to get caught under the feet of a town of sad mad Bostonians.

Once here, I settled in to the room with a great southern view — the full moon was out and in the center of my room’s picture window. Then I took a long walk around the city, found a Pizzeria Uno to satisfy dinner, and settled in for the night. Big day on Wednesday, need what sleep I can eek. (This was finished the next morning, polished, and posted.)