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Wiki structure and naming decisions

After moving to the new MediaWiki, it quickly became obvious that the old, CamelCase naming and organization scheme was insufficient. It did not take advantage of the more powerful MediaWiki categorization and namespace capability, created page names that are hard to understand and translate, and pages in CamelCase are (ironically) not searched properly by MediaWiki. In other words, the search does not find “USB” in the title “FedoraLive/USBHowTo” by default.

After many discussions, back and forth decisions, and more time than we really wanted to spend, the Fedora Docs team has ratified a structure and page naming scheme that resolves the above problems.

If you have comments on how to improve that document, please use the discussion link instead of changing it directly. This is a policy page and changes need to be approved by Fedora Docs, ultimately.

If you are interested in understanding why we chose these rules and guidelines, you can comment on this post, send us email on fedora-docs-list, or just complain loudly in the usual places and I’m sure we’ll hear about it.