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Your release notes are looking … thin

:: Release notes content is freezing on the wiki for the Fedora 10 Preview Release on 08 October at 23:59 UTC. ::

If you take a look at the wiki pages that are the source for the release notes (Docs/Beats), note the list of content areas (beats) that remain unassigned. What’s going on there? Why hasn’t the Docs Project assigned someone?

:: If you don’t assign someone from your sub-project or SIG to cover that content, that area will be empty for the Fedora 10 Preview and possibly final releases. ::

Yep, it’s our job to remind you, edit, convert, get translated, package, and deliver. But only you can fill in the content that is missing. One thing we will do for you is hunt through your feature page and pull in any release notes content that you put there. But you have to put it there first, we cannot divine it.

There are also some beats that are assigned but no content has been inserted. Here is your chance (about 2.25 days worth from the moment of this writing.)

Here is a list of unassigned beats that are in danger of being dropped for the Preview Release, meaning zero content appears:

  • Live media
  • Kernel
  • Package notes (misc. package changes) — possibly deprecated
  • Printing
  • Mail servers
  • Developer features (not tools) — i.e., not Haskell, NetBeans, etc.
  • Eclipse
  • Java
  • Samba
  • System daemons
  • Multimedia
  • Entertainment
  • Networking
  • Database servers
  • Backwards compatibility — catch-all for backwards compat notes that don’t fit elsewhere