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Fedora wiki discussion list

At the wise prodding of Nigel, we created

“Oh, dude,” you might say, “Why another freaking list?” Maybe you wonder why fedora-docs-list isn’t good enough, since Fedora Docs are the wiki gardeners?

The scope of fedora-wiki@ is to be a moderate-level discussion list for everyone who edits the wiki. On the one hand, we prefer and encourage per-page discussions to exist in the page’s Talk: space via the ‘discussion’ tab. This keeps the discussion about the content closest to the actual content, a great model from Wikipedia. At the same time, there is a higher level of collaboration and discussion that the Fedora Project needs around the wiki. The fedora-wiki@ list is where you can get help in using the wiki tools. We’ll be discussing feature requests, change ideas, and announcing new features, tricks, and other things wiki-tool focused. (Note that with some projects using the wiki in Trac, we need to welcome that as on-topic.)

The Fedora Docs list is a meta list that discusses documentation across the whole project. Fedora Docs serves as the upstream for our content style guide, so when fedora-wiki@ has questions and disagreements about writing style, it is Fedora Docs that is accountable for a response. Currently Fedora Docs is also responsible for the wiki editing help and wiki structure rules. Yet, the discussions on fedora-docs-list@ are not all relevant to the wiki-interested audience, and vice-versa. The Docs team needs to have all wiki-relevant discussions on the new list, so the widest audience of users and contributors is involved in real time.