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Board break

With people writing about running for the Fedora Project Board, I want to take the chance to say I am not running for election this time.

My Red Hat-appointed seat of the last 18 months expires with this election. My interest is in seeing some new blood working on the Board. I haven’t been spending as much time directly on Board projects in the last six months, which is a good argument for new blood :), but also comes from the crossover of my work in Community Architecture. I’m a 100% community guy all the time now, so the board is only another 1% on top. By bringing in new people, there should be a surge of new ideas and energy. Especially with the caliber of people such as Dimitris and Michael.

Which is the other reason I am not running. Red Hat is going to want to appoint someone new to my seat rather than extend my stay, and that is definitely the right thing to do. To stay on the Board, I have to stand for election for the first time. No problem there, I think I’d have a fair chance, but then I’d be blocking one of these other great community organizers to have a chance leading this ship.

What I’m looking forward to is running in the next election in six months, when the new round of people are more seasoned and have had a chance to steer the Board for a while. I’ll be refreshed, full of new ideas, and ready to engage. If I should be fortunate enough to get elected. 🙂