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Small things that matter more than you realize

This morning the first smile I had was when I looked back over my shoulder at the Boston Cambridge Marriott to see not only my own Fedora window sign, but the signs of many others.  (There is a small cluster of folks on the 19th floor.)

The signs are a small brilliancy that came from (I think) the mind of Clint Savage (herlo).  It’s a good example of a smaller thing that was relatively easy to execute making a memorable conference experience.

As I walked up to the MIT building with Xavier, we spotted the same signs in the glass stairwell, clearly illuminating the presence of FUDCon

Standing out in a window, the signs are 28 cm (11 in) by 43 cm (17 in), with a blue Fedora logo centered.  Clint and whoever helped him applied small pieces of clear double-sided tape to the four corners of the face of the sign.  You apply it facing outward to your hotel window.  Where it really helps is when you and a group of people are sharing a hotel.  We have a large number at this same hotel, I don’t know how many but more than 30 I can reckon from what I’ve seen.  The work was all done at a name-brand full-service print-shop.

I’m not sure if there is a page of similar tricks for Ambassadors.  Sadly, the Ambassador wiki pages are many with categorization and old-style page naming working against it.  At least, my search for ‘ambassador tricks’ turned up nothing. (Hoping some folks who want to learn how to do that effectively come to the wiki talk today.)

So I created these pages, and hope someone else is sparked by Clint’s idea to make a similar impact at one of your events.  Don’t forget to share and document your experience: