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It’s more than a passing FAD — the bad


Continuing the thought output from the first North American Fedora Activity Day (FAD) at SCaLE 7x, this post details the mistakes that we made and so should be learning from. Yes, the turn out was good and I said it is stronger than I realized, but … where are my West Coast homies?   I tend […]

Moving toward a content management decision


While the wiki covers 90%+ of the content collaboration needs for Fedora, we continue to need a content management system (CMS) for the Docs Project.  A CMS gives us workflow tools that makes it easy to turn any contributor in to a publisher, while ensuring the ongoing quality of the content throughout the lifecycle of […]

Small things that matter more than you realize


This morning the first smile I had was when I looked back over my shoulder at the Boston Cambridge Marriott to see not only my own Fedora window sign, but the signs of many others.  (There is a small cluster of folks on the 19th floor.) The signs are a small brilliancy that came from […]