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Moving toward a content management decision

While the wiki covers 90%+ of the content collaboration needs for Fedora, we continue to need a content management system (CMS) for the Docs Project.  A CMS gives us workflow tools that makes it easy to turn any contributor in to a publisher, while ensuring the ongoing quality of the content throughout the lifecycle of a Fedora version. For more information, read the background from the CMS solution for Fedora page.

We’ve had a lot of discussions around CMS here at FUDCon, none of which actually got us closer to a physical choice.  Every choice is a double-edged sword, a phrase which here means, no matter which way we swing it, it cuts our target and cuts ourselves.  It was great to have so many parts of Fedora able to talk about this with us; we were able to see traps and pitfalls more easily in the quality of these discussions.

Ultimately, my biggest concern is that any choice have a team of people who know how to deploy and maintain the solution.  Aside from technical capabilities, this is perhaps the most important criteria to meet.

The solution we are walking away with today is to take the topic to fedora-devel-list, fedora-list, and the blogs.  Tell people:

  • We are picking a Docs Project CMS
  • We are going to go with whatever CMS that meets the minimum must-have requirements and has a team willing to step-up and do the work for the Fedora community.
  • The work will happen within the Fedora Infrastructure project in a semi-isolated environment to minimize contact risk from potentially insecure apps.
  • The new team must be at least two to three experienced web system administrators, with no more than one team member already overly busy in Infrastructure.  (We need to minimize overloading too small and too busy a group of people.)

How does this sound?