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QA wiki renewal sounds great, just a few suggestions …

Adam Williamson made a blog post about Revising the QA Wiki Space and I have a few requests for them.  (I tried to leave a comment on his blog, but comments are only for registered users, and registering never got me a password, so I’m doing this here.  So I guess my first request is to ask Adam to turn comments on for his blog.  If he doesn’t trust Akismet to protect him from spam, can you allow OpenID access from *

  1. As you update the QA pages, please follow the wiki page naming and structural guidelines.
  2. At least a few of you working in QA and maintaining wiki pages should join the fedora-wiki mailing list.  It’s a relatively low volume, high value list where we discuss wiki policy, tips, and so forth.
  3. If you are going to be renaming some or all of your pages (and you should if they are in the unsearchable format of “Some/Content/Deeply/NestedWithCamelCase/Names”), then take a look at the wiki page renaming project.  If you have commit rights to anything on you can check-in and maintain a pipe-separated values (PSV) file.  Take a look at the existing ones for format.

If you’ve any questions about this or other best ways to work with MediaWiki, drop by #fedora-docs anytime and ask for guidance.  If you are fortunate, the Wiki Czar will be lurking.