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User:Kwade merges in to User:Quaid

I’ve long had two accounts in the Fedora Account System (FAS).  My online free and open community nick has been ‘quaid’ since I started at VA Linux Systems in 2001, and my ID ‘kwade’ has been my corporate login since 1997.  I appreciate having separate identities, and in all other locations have kept my logins and etc. separate.

However, when the Fedora Project was started, the CVS was internal to Red Hat, and in that environment my username is ‘kwade’.    Somewhere along the way I registered and began using ‘quaid’ so I could have e.g.  This is important as most people know me as quaid, so send me email to quaid (at) fedoraproject (dot) org, and so forth.  I have maintained both accounts, and in some cases had permissions for a project in one ID and not another, so had to switch around within different Trac instances, etc.  In addition, Fedora Infrastructure guidelines now require people to have a single user account unless there are special circumstances.

As a kind favor, Toshio merged my permissions to various FAS groups in to my ‘quaid’ account, and along with some other jiggling, I am now ‘quaid’ everywhere that matters for Fedora.  If you’ve ever been confused by this in the past, be confused no longer.  From wiki user page to Fedora talk, I am now just ‘quaid’.  Time to order new Fedora business cards!