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A bit FADdish — Docs wiki pages reorganization

This weekend while I was at SCaLE 7x for Fedora, stumbling but progressing on the Fedora 10 User Guide at the Fedora Activity Day (FAD), virtual-FAD work was occurring in #fedora-docs.  The team was busy getting at least the same amount of effort done on cleaning, organizing, and fixing the Docs wiki presence.

We intend to show ourselves as another example of how a project can organize itself on the wiki, but we have a ton of crufty content to work through.  The work was done by Susan Lauber, who has been working with the Packaging Committee and Docs for some weeks on cleaning up both groups’ wiki presence, and John J. McDonough, a very active Docs contributor with a real clue how much better things can be in Docs.  Definitely Golden Shovel of Wiki Gardening Award time!