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Summer coding FAD


On the Friday of SCALE 8x we had a Fedora Activity Day (FAD) focused on getting ready for Google Summer of Code 2010.  As usual, we had people drop by to see what was going on, since “activity day” is an unclear bit of clubspeak.  (By clubspeak, I mean the language we use as insiders […]

A bit FADdish — Docs wiki pages reorganization


This weekend while I was at SCaLE 7x for Fedora, stumbling but progressing on the Fedora 10 User Guide at the Fedora Activity Day (FAD), virtual-FAD work was occurring in #fedora-docs.  The team was busy getting at least the same amount of effort done on cleaning, organizing, and fixing the Docs wiki presence. We intend […]

It’s more than a passing FAD — the good


Writing the next day, it’s a bit hard to put myself back in the mindset of Friday morning and remember why, by 10 am, I was chewing nails, an idiom which here means, pretty angry and gnashing teeth over it.  But I think it’s pretty important for me to air the parts of the event […]