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Panel on community contributions at Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

After we discovered, along with our pals from the Linux Foundation, that the Fedora Project didn’t have any one to represent Fedora on a community contributions panel at the Collaboration Summit, the right folks at LF got together with us and sorted out what we needed to do.  I volunteered to represent Fedora, and got my confirmation a week ago.

Today an updated press release includes more details about the community panel:

A panel on community contributions and participation will be presented with speakers that include Jono Bacon, community  manager at Ubuntu; James Bottomley, kernel developer at Novell;  Joe Brockmeier, community manager, openSUSE; Dan Frye, vice  president, open systems development, IBM Systems and Technology  Group; and Karsten Wade, Fedora Project.

I’m supposing my title got dropped because no one knew quite what to do with “Sr. Community Gardener” in this context. :)  (For one event, my title slide identified me as “Community Mangler”, which at least Jono loved, but I find that even more confusing.  Besides, I really try to unmangle.)