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Students, start your engines — Fedora and project discussion period for Google Summer of Code

As of now, the Fedora Project and are a co-joined mentoring organization for Google’s Summer of Code this year.  Sweet.

According to the timeline, 18 to 23 March is the time for students to talk about project ideas with the mentoring organization.  On 23 March, students can begin submitting proposals, which are due by 3 April.  Before that and until 15 April, mentors may ask students for more clarifications or fixes to the proposals.

So, we need mentors to review project proposals.  We need students with ideas that are not on  the Fedora list or list to bring those ideas to our discussion group, seek mentors, and prepare to propose.

One thing we can all be excited about is the new web app, Melange, which is being used for the program.  At last year’s Mentor Summit, Leslie Hawthorn showed us the internal application they had been using, and, oh, such pain.  Melange is built from the ground-up to support large scale projects doing work similar to the Summer of Code.  I expect we’ll start to see it appear in other locations that pair large numbers of students with mentors or mentoring organizations, such as open educational resource creation.  Or the pairing of developers with teachers in creating Sugar activities. 🙂

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