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More uses for `fedora-business-cards`

Originally I was ambivalent about the full-bleed backside of the Fedora business card. I think of the backside of a business card as the secondary value, a space to write something useful for a recipient. I went so far as to get a small order of the cards with a blank backside just for that.

So far I’ve been happy with the nice brand exposure, which is the better secondary value the backside brings these cards.  The `fedora-business-cards` package is a slick way for any Fedora contributor to get standard and print-ready Fedora cards. Today I found a new use for the card.  I flipped one around and put it in the back of my badge holder at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit.  Badges always flip backwards, and I’ve been putting my card back there for the last year. Today I showed the backside then tucked a card front-way forward on top so my name just shows.  I think I like this better now than the event printed frontside of the badge.