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Remix in the mountains – talking Fedora at FeltonLUG

On Saturday 04 April I gave a version of the ‘Fedora Remix’ talk at FeltonLUG.  The Fedora Remix talk covers what remixes and spins are and why to care, then dives in to using all the tools available (`livecd-creator`, `livecd-iso-to-*`,` liveusb-creator`, `pungi`, and `revisor`.)  I used a local `yum` repository of Fedora 10 base, using herlo’s script for the magic, so I could do full `pungi` composes as part of the presentation.

XO Kids, Fedora booth at SCaLE 7x

Tip – if you have an ISO image (DVD or Live CD) of the Fedora version base repository you are mirroring, use it to seed your repo.  I mounted the ISO and used `rsync -Pavz` to copy the files in to the directory while the mirror script was running.  In just a few minutes I had all the RPMs I needed to recreate the ISO I started from.

Awesome – yeah, you read that right.  If you have a Fedora DVD (or image), you can use that plus `pungi` to create your own customized Fedora distro in about 2 hours.  Most of that time is `pungi` composing the image.

The talk went just fine.  It’s a small LUG in an area that has a traditionally hard time of maintaining a regular LUG of any size.  Hopefully the energy in the San Lorenzo Valley continues; I know I’ll keep coming and bringing my girls with their XOs.