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Looking for a soup-to-dessert hosting service

… the key being, I want to drink our own champagne, so it should run Fedora or RHEL as the hosted Linux.  And I want it to source, cook, serve, and clean-up the entire meal for me.

The project is going to run a MediaWiki instance and git+gitweb, maybe with a few plugins, and that’s it to start.  Mailing lists?  Possibly soon.  Other stuff?  Possible one day.  So, room to grow with a relatively simple site.  Not intending for a huge amount of traffic to start, ability to scale should be built in.  Modest data/database needs expected.

The thing is, I’m spoiled by Dreamhost, where I host all my personal projects.  I’m happy enough with them for that.  They use Debian and a (I think) a custom toolbox that us customers use to do a wide range of activities.  I can hit my registrar to register a new domain name, then host it,  load it up with a selection of LAMP software such as MediaWiki and WordPress, and have access via ssh to make web site building easier, all of this within about 30 minutes via the Dreamhost web app.

While I’m fully capable of taking a bare metal box, spinning up RHEL or Fedora, and configuring everything from DNS to LAMP, I don’t want to.  And Red Hat no longer pays me to be a sysadmin.

If you know of something that fits the bill, email me or drop a note in the comments on this post.