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Something old, something new – Fedora 12 video

Some old faces, some new faces talking about how the same-old, same-old building sustainable community in Fedora leads to new innovation and new fun stuff for people to play with in this video on Fedora 12.

Another new thing here, I think this is the first time our entire Community Architecture team was in one location together as our new team since Mel joined us.  It’s great to have some evidence that Max, Greg, Mel, and I were actually doing something that week in Raleigh.  Paul was there to witness:

Even though Paul has been with the Fedora Project for almost as long as I have, I keep forgetting he’s only been at Red Hat for the last few years.  Mel is brand-new to Red Hat this year.  Greg has been at Red Hat about six months longer than I have, and Max is a scant few years beyond that.

If I didn’t have video and audio evidence, I don’t think my friends and family would believe I really work.