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Summer coding FAD

On the Friday of SCALE 8x we had a Fedora Activity Day (FAD) focused on getting ready for Google Summer of Code 2010.  As usual, we had people drop by to see what was going on, since “activity day” is an unclear bit of clubspeak.  (By clubspeak, I mean the language we use as insiders or as people well studied in a community.)

We kept a log (HTML log and HTML + plain text summary), had a plan, and completed the important bits.

Early the following week I did a crossdump for Mel Chua.  We are doing some work-swapping for a few weeks.  I’m helping get Fedora Insight to the next level (staging, ready for production), and Mel is working on the next stages of work the Summer Coding SIG needs.

Within the next week you should start to hear about what students, mentors, sub-projects, and upstreams need to be doing.  If you are involved in Fedora or the projects, help pass on the word.