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Redialed Fedora Summer Coding plan, time to help

Now that the textbook is out and in use, I’m turning my random spitball approach1 at Fedora Summer Coding.  We had a SIG meeting yesterday, and today I worked on updating the plan.  With that plan we can populate the messaging page.  What’s that?  It’s where people read what they need to know, depending on who they are:  student, mentor, sub-project, sponsor, upstream, administrator, community member, and so forth.

As it often is with good ideas, there are other FOSS projects doing similar things.  The page for Ruby Summer of Code looks really good, I’ll be mining it for ideas.  There is also the Joomla! Student Outreach Program.  They all seem to be using a model similar to what Mel described in her blog post, “Summer Of Code Swimchart: Now With More Generic.”

If you are interested in helping us create this program, now is a great time to join in and help.

  1. Cf. laser-like