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Seeking sponsors: universities, corporations, foundations, individuals, creative ideas

A cornerstone of our Fedora Summer Coding is connecting sponsors (those with resources to share) with students (those with time, passion, and skills to share.)  It’s not necessary as a sponsor to have ideas of how your resources should be used, that’s what the Fedora Project and mentors and sub-projects are prepared to do.

We’ll also sort the student ideas, generate the list of approved proposals, work with the students throughout the summer, and make sure you hear back about how things went.  You can learn more about the model we are using in this blog post, Summer Of Code Swimchart: Now With More Generic.

We need to start talking, soon.  I know it’s pretty late in your budget cycles and academic planning year.  But you would be surprised what a pool from a number of us can do.  It’s worth talking about, at the very least.

What are the resources you can supply?

  • Money to pay stipends to students for spending focused time on these FOSS projects.  This is a cross between a summer job and an internship.
  • Someone to help coordinate and to contribute as part of the Fedora Summer Coding special interest group (SIG).
  • Mentors, especially if they work actively in sub-project or area the sponsor is supporting.

What do you get out of it?

  • Positively impact FOSS projects.
  • Get your brand in front of smart students who want to work on FOSS.
  • Work on a community program that demonstrates how open source business is done.
  • See something you’d like coded be completed.
  • Other positive brand associations.

Can’t miss.  Can’t hurt to talk to us about it.  If you want to contact me directly for whatever reason, please do.