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Students – You are invited to submit proposals for Fedora Summer Coding 2010

Start here –

But here is some more, in case you want to read it.

We are rapidly constructing this summer coding program.  We know what we are doing, but because of timing, we are building the infrastructure, process, and requirements as we go.  It’s like moving in to a house while the scaffolding is still outside.  The Fedora Project makes it easy to do stuff like this, since the plumbing and stuff are already in place.  (Enough of that metaphor …)

Since mentors have another week, until 14 April, to finish the ideas page, the page is  growing and changing until then.  Check back often, put a watch on the page, and immediately begin communicating with the mentors of any ideas that you are interested in.  The  best place to talk with mentors is the discussion list.

If you can’t participate this year, such as the timing being off for your summer plans or you want more certainty, good luck to you for this summer.  Check back in; we intend to do this again (and again), and it is going be better after all this learning we’re doing.

If you celebrate summer at a different time of the year, such as if you are in the stunningly huge population of people in the Southern Hemisphere, do you think we should keep rolling this program to do a summer-for-the-south version?  Stay tuned, or help organize it.