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Fedora Summer Coding organizing – halp!!!

We are trying to turn the lights on for a new program this year, Fedora Summer Coding 2010.

This is more than making lemonade out of lemons.  After we figured out that the whole idea of summer coding wasn’t kinda-sorta-good but actually pretty great when done right for your own community, it was clear we needed to do our own implementation of the summer coding model that Google first defined.

Although the plan was to test ideas during GSoC this year, we don’t get that luxury.  Instead, we get the enviable position of taking a cool brand, Fedora, and create for it our own program to meld college students, mentors, summers, code, and community.

If you are at all interested, join the SIG mailing list where we are discussing how all the structure comes together.  Use the step-by-step guide for organizers to get started.

Look forward to working with you!

(Fixed link to SIG mailing list.)