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It’s time to help organize the next session of Fedora Students Contributing aka Summer Coding

We haven’t formally picked a new name for Fedora Summer Coding, but we need to, and ‘Students Contributing’ has the advantages so far.  We’re not sticking to summer in one hemisphere and we’re already doing projects that are beyond code.  Students Contributing is descriptive of what we’re doing.

This post is about the upcoming session for Fedora Students Contributing, to cover September 2010 to February 2011.

We need organizing help and we need sponsors.  In fact, would you like to help find new sponsors?

This week we’ll get the list of known tasks updated (in our Trac instance) for anyone to work on.

We have a success on our hands.  For a relatively small chunk of budget, we were able to fund about a dozen students to work on an equal number of interesting projects.  As you read more about this successful program in the coming weeks, think about how you can be involved.

Are you willing to recommend that an organization make a bet of a few thousand dollars in budget to find out what they can gain from supporting and helping organize the Fedora Students Contributing program?

Read some more.  Think about it.  Join the mailing list and introduce yourself.  Then, let’s get to work.