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It’s time to help organize the next session of Fedora Students Contributing aka Summer Coding


We haven’t formally picked a new name for Fedora Summer Coding, but we need to, and ‘Students Contributing’ has the advantages so far.  We’re not sticking to summer in one hemisphere and we’re already doing projects that are beyond code.  Students Contributing is descriptive of what we’re doing. This post is about the upcoming session […]

Summer rolling in Fedora Summer Coding


The best part of Fedora Summer Coding 2010 has begun: students are working on their projects with mentors and related communities.  Although some of it may happen on the program discussion list, most of that work should be in those related communities.  We’ll start seeing student and mentor blog posts on the Fedora Planet, and […]

Ideas for summer coding due by 14 April (updated)


While we finish the Summer Coding 2010 page, it is past time for you all to let us know the problems you would like to see solved by summer coding/internship students. Idea page is here: How-to fill out an ideas page is here: Let’s get this filled with serious ideas you are willing […]