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Working group on community metrics

Are you one of us few, lucky people who attempt to keep track of the health of one or more communities?

Have you written any tools, processes, or other content/code that helps you with this? (For example, our team wrote and uses EKG for mailing list analysis.)

Are you looking for a commons to share ideas, code, content, and so forth?

We are looking for that too. We see a common problem space, are tired of working in isolation, and think there should be a working special interest group on this topic. A group made up of all the other individuals and teams currently working on this in isolation.

If it doesn’t exist, we want to start a new working group for this. Maybe you’d like to be involved? Comment on this blog post so I can include you in what we find out or make happen.

We see other groups who are working in this problem space … apparently in isolation from each other?

(If any of the above are not isolated but are part of a commons movement, can you show us where the commons is? That is, beyond their own mailing lists.)

So each of the above is a unique community or analyzer with a unique situation and needs. But certainly there are common areas where we can help each other? Common tools even if the analyses are different in the end? Common processes to share, even if your implementation is closed-source-in-house?

I just spoke with the QTM group at UPenn’s PRECISE Center who are using open source repositories for reputation analysis, working from a tool originally written to track wiki article author/editor quality. I want to invite them to either join a working group with us, or join in starting a new one.

So what’s going on out there?

(Updated with improved information and better links about the UPenn crew.)