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SCALE 10X-citement – oVirt and starting a FOSS project

After having to sadly cancel last year for SCALE 9X, my family and I are looking forward (nervously) to SCALE 10X this coming weekend. You’ll see us at:

So my Friday talk at 3 pm is,”How to start and sustain an open source project of any size“. I’ll be going through the start/sustain bits, and trying to do some actual work with the audience. I’m hoping some of the audience will be interested in starting a project, or already working on it, and we can do some work for their efforts as a group.

Also on Friday I’ll be attending the Fedora Activity Day (FAD) that starts at 10 am – I’ll be there to help and learn.

My daughters are joining their friend to give “Ultimate Boredom 2.0” at 11:30 am on Saturday as part of the SCALE: The Next Generation youth conference. I think the talk title is an allusion to how much they think they will bore you (ultimately), which must be greater than the two other times they have given a similar talk (2.0). In addition to talking about how they’ve participated in open source projects, they’ll cover some of their favorite free/open source software – last I saw the presentation covered GIMP, OpenShot, TuxPaint, and Hydrogen.

Finally, on Sunday morning at 11:30 am I’ll be giving, “oVirt – Infrastructure and management platform for the data center“. This is a general what-is-oVirt, how-did-it-come-to-be, where-might-it-be-going presentation, similar to the one Carl Trieloff gave at the start of the oVirt workshop in November 2011.

See you in LA!