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After Jason Brooks made an OpenShift quickstart for Venus, the blog feed aggregator known as a planet, I knew it was time to finally get off the ground.

I registered this domain years ago as a community project identity for getting free expo passes to LinuxWorld. It was just an idea for a domain name that came to my head at the moment of registration, as a crossover of my interests in free and open software and cooking.

So I am kicking off this idea, with myself as Chef de Cuisine, and inviting folks who are involved in free/open source software and who like to cook to be on the planet. All these folks need to do is provide me with a feed link. For example, when I write for something to appear on the Linuxchefs planet, I’ll use the tag ‘linuxchefs’ for the post, and it will automatically appear on the Linuxchefs planet.

Interested? Drop me an email.