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Category Archives: Personal

Showing tonight on home science theater


Tonight I’m lining up these pages for some science video fun to watch with my girls. We’re looking for cool experiments to be inspired to try. Also, Malakai asked to see an old favorite we used to call “The Packet Movie” when she was three and four. Robert Krampf’s really cool science videos Warriors […]

Off to Sutter’s Fort


In a few hours I’m leaving with my daughters for a California History class trip to Sutter’s Fort, in old town Sacramento. The entire class are dressing in period costumes and acting as docents for the various exhibits all throughout the day on Tuesday. I’ll be playing “Owen Sumner”, who came to Sutter’s Fort in […]

Unstalling Fedora Docs


We’ve gotten pretty good at community written release notes. A few more silly bugs for Fedora 8 than before (and my bad for not helping to make them better — this is the first release since FC4 where I didn’t edit the entire release notes before they went over for translation), but really nothing to […]

Opening gambit


I’ve committed to myself to finally pull all my personal blogging into a proper online personality banner.  Hence “i, quaid” has been born.  To zero noise, since it is not syndicated to anyone yet, etc. So, over the next few weeks I’ll be: Updating places such as and Deciding if I am going […]