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Observe the operating room – wiki2xml sprint for FOSS textbook


There is a work sprint you might be interested in observing or participating in if you … Use MediaWiki for writing long works and want to see how it is to convert to DocBook XML. Want to know more about using DocBook XML and the Publican publishing toolchain. Enjoy watching people edit XML like mad. […]

How to become a docs contributor – video


This Wednesday I was helping Mel with the POSSE class in Singapore.  Basically, I covered what open source content in Fedora does (technical docs, process docs, community self-knowledge docs), the common tools and styles we try to propagate, and then walked the class through how to contribute to the release notes.  The exercise was focused […]

Igniting teacher passions; last observations from CUE 2009


The last day of CUE 2009 I was stuck by the pure awesomeness of one of the final presentations in the open source pavilion.  It was titled Intro and Demo Open Source (Free) Software Programs for Educators! (found 1/3rd of the way down the conference sessions page).  The three presenters, Shin, Katalin, and Branka, were […]

Students, start your engines — Fedora and project discussion period for Google Summer of Code


As of now, the Fedora Project and are a co-joined mentoring organization for Google’s Summer of Code this year.  Sweet. According to the timeline, 18 to 23 March is the time for students to talk about project ideas with the mentoring organization.  On 23 March, students can begin submitting proposals, which are due by […]