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Ideas for summer coding due by 14 April (updated)

While we finish the Summer Coding 2010 page, it is past time for you all to let us know the problems you would like to see solved by summer coding/internship students.

Idea page is here:

How-to fill out an ideas page is here:

Let’s get this filled with serious ideas you are willing to mentor for or help find the mentor.

Join the discussion list and be prepared to talk about your ideas or proposals.  If you were already a mentor and want to help with mentoring, such as proposal reviews, let us know and join the mentors list.

Tracking these ideas is a PITA and in fact the lack of an ideas page lead to us not getting in the Google Summer of Code this year.  This is all part of a larger issue around tracking smaller ideas for beginners and students, but for now this will have to do.

Anyone want to hack on, please help.  We’re hoping some of the functionality we are handling manually may be included in upcoming versions of OpenHatch.  If that direction gets us fruit, we may use OpenHatch as an ongoing way to expose projects to students and other new contributors.

(After this initial schedule, the SIG moved the deadline to 14 April. Post title updated to reflect but at same permalink.)