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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Release the flying wiki-monkeys!


A few hours ago the wiki quietly switched under the URL cover, and with the final-import done, we are ready to have it, my fiends! There is a page you want to start at, and in particular the FedoraProject:Wiki_migration_to-do#Individual_folks_to-do_list. There are many people who helped make this effort get even this far, especially all […]

Yet more mid-migration update


In case you were wondering what the status of the wiki migration is … The weekend went fairly well.  Right now Mike is working on technical stuff, such as failover testing and redirects, which explains why the wikinew URL may not be working at any particular moment. Look for announcements on fedora-announce list.

Wiki gardening in the garden


Today is a holiday in the US (Memorial Day), and I’m spending part of mine working on the Fedora Project wiki migration. To be honest, I’m not a big BBQ party type of person, and living in a beach community that is the target of tourism, sometimes it is nicest to enjoy a holiday from […]

Wiki mid-migration update


Howdy from your friendly Wiki Gardener crew. Saturday’s early-import of data from Moin Moin to MediaWiki went well, after the usual sunburn and problems with attachments. The new wiki is alive for work, but is subject to random outages as Ricky thinks of clever new things to make the final migration days go easier. Many […]

Looking for Northwest Ambassadors for OSCON


Who is in the Pacific Northwest and might want to go to OSCON for Fedora? Existing Ambassadors, yes, but if you’ve been wanting to step-up as a Fedora contributor, this is a good opportunity to join. To be clear, I’m just asking as another Fedora Ambassador, not as anyone who has purse strings to open. […]

Is Fedora for newbies?


Last week I responded to an email sent to the address. Most of the replies we make to those emails are stock-answers, such as when they email that Fedora stole their website and replaced it with “your page,” or a pointer to the Fedora communicate and get help page. I felt compelled to […]

Evil planning and world domination to continue for six more months


That’s right, meta-evil planning continues right here, as I remain appointed to the Fedora Project Board. There was only one appointed seat remaining, and through legerdemain, geomancy, and the deployment of the correct team(s) of evil minions engaged in doing my bidding … well, let’s just say it was no contest. To quote myself: On […]

OpenJDK installation instructions for Fedora – now on


Thank you Mark Reinhold for reaching out to make sure the OpenJDK website was ready for the Fedora 9 release with instructions on installing OpenJDK 6/IcedTea 7 under Fedora 8 and 9 and EPEL 5. Full instructions are here: Mucho appreciado a Andrew Overholt, Andrew Haley, and Lillian Angel for technical and functional edits. […]

The Fedora wiki is migrating next week — Tuesday 2008-05-27


… in case you haven’t heard. If you haven’t heard about this, it might be because your subproject/SIG leadership is already taking care of things.  For example, a bunch of us from Fedora Docs have been working on this migration since the beginning, so people in the Docs Project can be fairly sure we […]

Free distro love – an audiocast


When we met at CommunityOne to have a “battle of the GNU/Linux distros,” (or “smackdown” as Barton called it,) I didn’t expect it to be imbalanced.  But it was.  There was entirely too much love, respect, and violent agreement for me. You can witness for yourself by hoisting down this audiocast that includes a cool […]