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Shelf space – you can’t make it up as you go


Today I had an exchange via Twitter with my friend Sean, who reminded me about a point we’ve previously discussed face-to-face, “… #opensource #FAIL meter too Linux-centric – doesn’t apply to Java, Web or Ajax …”  My point back was, “… It applies if you want to deploy on #Linux … don’t #h8 your […]

People still write business articles like this?


This morning I was looking at the usual awesome performance of RHT stock and glanced at the business article under the headlines section.  Despite the article title being about another company, Red Hat must have been mentioned, so I gave it a look. In reading it, a number of inaccuracies and old school misconceptions leapt […]

Power from the people, power for the people


The evolution of Fedora as an entity of freedom has been an interesting experience.  For example, participation in the project wasn’t always as freely available as it is now.  Before Core merged with Extras in Fedora 7, the only way to contribute to the central part of the distro was via an employee of Red […]

‘How to Build Applications Linux Distributions Will Package’ from PyCon


This video of Toshio Kuratomi’s talk at PyCon 2009 does an excellent job of explaining why developers really want to think about and solve for packaging.  I’m adding it to the list of useful bits under Why should ISVs care? on the ISV special interest group page.  Thanks Toshio!

New face in meaningful Linux shows, and a reportlet on OpenPrinting


(Back from nose to the grindstone, Spring at home is busy and end-of-quarter targets I’ve been working on for Red Hat are nearing completion. Appears that blogging and tracking email lists has fallen a bit to the wayside.) From Wednesday 08 April to Friday 10 April, I was in fabulous and mildly-rainy San Francisco to […]

‘Participate or Die’ presentation from LinuxFest Northwest


Running a little late posting these because I wanted to produce a nice set of speaker notes, and they didn’t exist before I gave the talk at LinuxFest Northwest. In addition, there were some slides that were missing from the presentation (my bad!), which had me going to a Web browser during the talk and […]

Measuring community contributions at LF Collaboration Summit


Folks at the Linux Foundation have just posted a bunch of video from the 2009 Collaboration Summit, including our panel on 8 April, Measuring Community Contribution (Flash video 🙁 … but they do have a downloadable OGG!)  Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier (OpenSUSE community manager) led the panel that included James Bottomly (Linux kernel SCSI maintainer etc.), […]

Handheld to campus-wide – the OSWALD at OSU


Wow.  It’s not just that the student-designed and -built OSWALD devices are innovative and cool (they are, and I saw the on-campus sweatshop to prove the student-built part.)  The brilliance is the way the OSWALD is the linchpin in an OSU strategy that reinvents computer science teaching, while making room for disciplines outside of CS […]

Panel on community contributions at Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit


After we discovered, along with our pals from the Linux Foundation, that the Fedora Project didn’t have any one to represent Fedora on a community contributions panel at the Collaboration Summit, the right folks at LF got together with us and sorted out what we needed to do.  I volunteered to represent Fedora, and got […]

Show ’em how participation is done with a talk at the Red Hat Summit or JBoss World; deadline extended to 16 March


My favorite thing to hear from the mouth of Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst is (to paraphrase), “Red Hat is here to help customers becomes contributors to the projects that matter to them.” In that vein, I’ve made a few submissions of a talk/keynote, “Participate or Die“, including one to this year’s Red Hat Summit […]