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Category Archives: Fedora

June, what June?


I just noticed that the entire month of June passed, and I’ve been hidden away from the world – off work, off writing, off any community activities – caring for my wife while she goes through some tough times. She’s not out of the woods entirely yet, but clear fields are in sight and I’ve […]

What would you think if I started an internal-to-Red Hat Fedora users list?


So I had an idea this week, partially in response to one of our stellar global support staff members saying that he wishes there was a person or place to send internal people needing user help with Fedora. The kind of help they would get from the external Fedora users mailing list, the kind of […]

Thinking about an audiocast for The Open Source Way


OK, so we’ve got this interesting, upstream, canonical, referenceable community to write cleverly and talk about the principles of the open source way. Also, hey, let’s gather some details on how to implement these principles! But *yawn*, pardon me, even a genius can’t make that prose very interesting. It needs some stories. A big part […]

A checklist for organizing a community


This is something that The Open Source Way has needed for a while, some checklists to follow when seeing where you are in implementing the various principles. Since the principles meld the narrative a bit, there may be a few checklist items in one principle. Also, a short checklist is just plain easier to follow, […]

Roadmap and communications plan for “The Open Source Way”


Having an open roadmap (and a communications plan is part of that) is a pretty integral part of running a community the open source way. Just as the idiom about the carpenter’s leaking roof, we have been going without a collaboratively written, working roadmap for “The Open Source Way“. To start that off, I am […]

New wok stove for outdoor-kitchen-to-be


@IndiaJoze just dropped by a used full-kitchen wok stove, with two main burners and a stock burner in the back. We have some ideas to simply mount wheels and use propane burners until we can build out the outdoor kitchen. What to use this for? All part of our urban farm, Fairy-Tale Farm, for demonstrations, […]

Your project idea is missing! Fedora & Google Summer of Code


All year long people say to me, “This or that project will be perfect for Google Summer of Code.” Where are all those projects? Not on the Fedora ideas page. Folks, check this out – your idea doesn’t have to be complete, or even contain much more than a few sketchy use cases. Sometimes you […]

Sadly skipping SCALE 9x, too


Similar to how things worked out for me and FUDCon this year, I have to cancel attending SCALE 9x this year. I had a talk to give, “Decentralized Collaboration with Open Source Tools: Technical and Cultural Implementation“, which thankfully Robyn Bergeron is giving on Sunday, and I’m sure it will be at least three times […]

Banner mistake for The Open Source Way website


One of the goals of writing a community how-to book was to write it by a community using the methods described in the book. This includes using 100% free and open source software to create and maintain the book, do the work of the community, and run the web presences. Of course, the source for […]

Fedora Students Contributing – Live or let die?


Fedora Students Contributing is about to get ignored to death. And maybe it should be, or at least put in to suspended animation. Let me explain why I think this might be the right option, if the program doesn’t get what it needs. So what does the program need? More sponsors who provide budget and […]