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Leading from the comfort of my armchair


One of my favorite things about writing this blog is that I get to talk about me.  See, it’s right there in the name: “i, quaid.”  If you don’t figure it’s all about me, you are just not paying attention. This week we went through the pleasurable experience of anointing the awesome Eric ‘Sparks’ Christensen […]

Board break


With people writing about running for the Fedora Project Board, I want to take the chance to say I am not running for election this time. My Red Hat-appointed seat of the last 18 months expires with this election. My interest is in seeing some new blood working on the Board. I haven’t been spending […]

How is licensing fun?


Because Spot in looking out for it. Aside from doing a fantastic job, he is brutally honest. He also has a great turn of phrase: “There’s probably a Perl script running that company now …” (No, I won’t say what company.) Thanks Spot for always being way out front on legal and licensing issues. Fedora […]

Relate to this!


Not like I plot out my career. For real. I follow my instincts, heart, and then my head, so I’m less good at metrics and more good at, “It feels right.” The goal is similar, though — find a good spot where I can generate the most value for the shareholders, make the most difference […]

Evil planning and world domination to continue for six more months


That’s right, meta-evil planning continues right here, as I remain appointed to the Fedora Project Board. There was only one appointed seat remaining, and through legerdemain, geomancy, and the deployment of the correct team(s) of evil minions engaged in doing my bidding … well, let’s just say it was no contest. To quote myself: On […]

Free distro love – an audiocast


When we met at CommunityOne to have a “battle of the GNU/Linux distros,” (or “smackdown” as Barton called it,) I didn’t expect it to be imbalanced.  But it was.  There was entirely too much love, respect, and violent agreement for me. You can witness for yourself by hoisting down this audiocast that includes a cool […]

Fluendo, Bastien, et al — I’m sorry fwiw


Since I can’t apologize for the Fedora Board, I’ll apologize and explain for myself. Despite feeling that we are doing the best we can for Fedora in this situation, I feel bad that we abused our relationship with Fluendo. We once again are in the midst of making the same mistake we made for Fedora […]

The return of the open Board meeting


As part of trying to make it clearer wtf the Fedora Project Board does (buzzwords: open, visible, accountable), we decided to start holding open meetings once a month (approximately one out of every four meetings.) The current goal is to use the Project’s Asterix server, so the Board can talk in real time and have […]

How to create the most popular Fedora sub-project


First, some caveats: Popularity is measured by how many Fedora account system (FAS) members are in the FAS group Overarching groups such as ‘cla_done’ and ‘cla_fedora’ don’t count, since nearly every member has one of those The count here is done today (2008-02-15 2030 UTC); I mirrored a current snapshot here; note that the links […]

Circular thinking – understanding the Fedora Board part 2 … err … part 3


After a comment made by Josh Boyer on the fedora-advisory-board, I was prompted to make a blog post, “WTF is the Fedora Project Board“. This morning I was looking through my blog archives on LiveJournal when I discovered that I actually started this series with a post there, “Understanding the difference between the Fedora Board […]