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Category Archives: Online life

Looking for a soup-to-dessert hosting service


… the key being, I want to drink our own champagne, so it should run Fedora or RHEL as the hosted Linux.  And I want it to source, cook, serve, and clean-up the entire meal for me. The project is going to run a MediaWiki instance and git+gitweb, maybe with a few plugins, and that’s […]

User:Kwade merges in to User:Quaid


I’ve long had two accounts in the Fedora Account System (FAS).  My online free and open community nick has been ‘quaid’ since I started at VA Linux Systems in 2001, and my ID ‘kwade’ has been my corporate login since 1997.  I appreciate having separate identities, and in all other locations have kept my logins […]

Formula for making distance work


Because I have to miss the North American Fedora Ambassadors Day, I’m thinking (as usual!) about the challenges of remotely working with people. Once again, here is a stellar opportunity to figure out how to include the non-there-in-person parts of the community. Especially around planning and decision sessions, which are different from the what a […]

Misrouted text messages


Pardon this off-topic post (for my Fedora category, anyway), but a large body of might-be Verizon text message users are reading this, and I’m interested in finding out if my situation is unique, typical, or endemic. For the last few months I’ve been receiving from one to several incorrectly routed text messages a week. I’ve […]

Accessibility is the cornerstone of science and open enquiry


Over the last few years, I’ve watched and worked with my wife as she has managed her chronic disease using the web as one of her tools. Recently I had a mental flash — a connection between her success with open enquiry of field-specific experts, how access to the originators of new science is a […]

Mental breaks while working at home


Over the years I’ve tried not to make a big deal out of being a remote employee, or remotee in Red Hat lingo. I’m a big proponent of distance work, and am now fairly experienced with the last seven years as a 100% telecommuter and distributed team member. But … the topic is a risky […]

Unstalling Fedora Docs


We’ve gotten pretty good at community written release notes. A few more silly bugs for Fedora 8 than before (and my bad for not helping to make them better — this is the first release since FC4 where I didn’t edit the entire release notes before they went over for translation), but really nothing to […]

i, quaid has moved here


This is a marker post, ignore it since the value is entirely for me. As announced in “I, Quaid, I have moved my blog to my personal domain, That’s it, carry on. ## 30 ##

Opening gambit


I’ve committed to myself to finally pull all my personal blogging into a proper online personality banner.  Hence “i, quaid” has been born.  To zero noise, since it is not syndicated to anyone yet, etc. So, over the next few weeks I’ll be: Updating places such as and Deciding if I am going […]



“quaid” is the nom de Web of Karsten Wade.