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New face in meaningful Linux shows, and a reportlet on OpenPrinting


(Back from nose to the grindstone, Spring at home is busy and end-of-quarter targets I’ve been working on for Red Hat are nearing completion. Appears that blogging and tracking email lists has fallen a bit to the wayside.) From Wednesday 08 April to Friday 10 April, I was in fabulous and mildly-rainy San Francisco to […]

‘Participate or Die’ presentation from LinuxFest Northwest


Running a little late posting these because I wanted to produce a nice set of speaker notes, and they didn’t exist before I gave the talk at LinuxFest Northwest. In addition, there were some slides that were missing from the presentation (my bad!), which had me going to a Web browser during the talk and […]

Measuring community contributions at LF Collaboration Summit


Folks at the Linux Foundation have just posted a bunch of video from the 2009 Collaboration Summit, including our panel on 8 April, Measuring Community Contribution (Flash video 🙁 … but they do have a downloadable OGG!)  Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier (OpenSUSE community manager) led the panel that included James Bottomly (Linux kernel SCSI maintainer etc.), […]

Intersections — “Open source lifestyle: classroom to career and beyond” from FOSSLC (was OSBootCamp)


In the Fedora Ambassador gig, at nearly every event there is an opportunity to get a view of the intersection of Fedora, open source, and the many backgrounds, experiences, and questions of other people at the event. Take last Fall’s OSBootCamp as an example.  This series of no-cost events was put on by an organization […]

Igniting teacher passions; last observations from CUE 2009


The last day of CUE 2009 I was stuck by the pure awesomeness of one of the final presentations in the open source pavilion.  It was titled Intro and Demo Open Source (Free) Software Programs for Educators! (found 1/3rd of the way down the conference sessions page).  The three presenters, Shin, Katalin, and Branka, were […]

Stumbling around in the K-12 space


This week I’m fulfilling a talk obligation that David Nalley and I set up last Fall, to talk about the advantages of bringing a culture of participation to the classroom.  In particular, this is the Computer-Using Educators (CUE) conference, with teachers and technology coordinators from K-12 districts across the country.  K-12 is short-hand for primary […]

Finding content output from FUDCon F11


The main schedule … … has links to some pages, and hopefully people are adding more.  Ideally they add [[Category:FUDConF11 BarCamp sessions]] to their page, too, so they get included in this page … I’ve extracted promises from most of the video/audio crew to do uploads of whatever we can tonight, at the […]

Notes from FUDCon BarCamp talks


In the talks that I was participating in on Saturday’s FUDCon BarCamp, I wrote notes and linked them from the final schedule. Unlike other types of conferences, there tend to be far, far fewer prepared slides for BarCamp sessions than typical presentation situations. I’m sure there are some slides that people have to post, but […]

Big on freedom doesn’t mean rabid


I’m sure that Jono Bacon didn’t mean to equate everyone who insists on a 100% free software distribution with rabid people-kickers “full of vitriol.”  It just sounded as if that is what he meant to say.  And since he asked that when we observe people being vitriolic, negative, and oppressive of other’s choices in the […]

Talking with developers


The standard Fedora presentation is to show: what is Fedora? who is Fedora? why does Fedora matter? how do you join the open source movement? I’m going to give a variation of that at CommunityOne in a few weeks, and be prepared to answer questions on those topics plus others in the “Operating System Community […]