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Calling out superrockstars considered harmful


Just a quick response to “Top Open Source technical writers on the Web”. First, I’m sure the intention was well-meant.  Thanks for trying to uplift open source technical writers. Second, I put in a comment response on the blog entry, which was more self-serving than helpful: Not sure what the metrics used are … but […]

Fedora + Zikula = infrastructure of freedom FTW!


Today I was inspired to send the below email to fedora-docs-list; more details following the quoted email. On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 10:07:24PM -0400, David Nalley wrote: > Simon passed me (and I just put up) the fedora specific Zikula modules: > > To get the source: > git clone git:// > > Included […]

Why relicense Fedora documentation and wiki content


It is once again my happy duty to help shepherd Fedora content to a better licensing position (as I did three years ago.)  We previously moved Fedora documentation from the GNU FDL to the OPL, moving the wiki content to the OPL at the same time.  This current relicensing is very important for the Fedora […]

We don’t document bugs but there is a page for that …


For a number of releases the bug triage team and others have maintained a common bugs page.  The idea is to make it simpler for a Fedora user to know if i) a behavior they have seen is already recognized as a bug, and ii) what there is to do about it (if anything).  It’s […]

And I didn’t have to do a thing


This is the first Fedora release since … Fedora Core 3? … where I wasn’t buried up to my neck getting the documentation ready for release. Paul and I have carried the Fedora Docs banner for a long time, but it became very obvious that we were standing in the way of progress by enabling […]

Wiki migration success shows in the stats


When I was studying some of the Fedora statistics recently I wanted to see them graphed out.  The raw numbers weren’t speaking thoroughly to me, and when I started pushing them in to various types of charts, some interesting details revealed themselves.  In particular, the one around edits to the Fedora wiki. The graphic shows […]

New face in meaningful Linux shows, and a reportlet on OpenPrinting


(Back from nose to the grindstone, Spring at home is busy and end-of-quarter targets I’ve been working on for Red Hat are nearing completion. Appears that blogging and tracking email lists has fallen a bit to the wayside.) From Wednesday 08 April to Friday 10 April, I was in fabulous and mildly-rainy San Francisco to […]

Handheld to campus-wide – the OSWALD at OSU


Wow.  It’s not just that the student-designed and -built OSWALD devices are innovative and cool (they are, and I saw the on-campus sweatshop to prove the student-built part.)  The brilliance is the way the OSWALD is the linchpin in an OSU strategy that reinvents computer science teaching, while making room for disciplines outside of CS […]

A bit FADdish — Docs wiki pages reorganization


This weekend while I was at SCaLE 7x for Fedora, stumbling but progressing on the Fedora 10 User Guide at the Fedora Activity Day (FAD), virtual-FAD work was occurring in #fedora-docs.  The team was busy getting at least the same amount of effort done on cleaning, organizing, and fixing the Docs wiki presence. We intend […]

QA wiki renewal sounds great, just a few suggestions …


Adam Williamson made a blog post about Revising the QA Wiki Space and I have a few requests for them.  (I tried to leave a comment on his blog, but comments are only for registered users, and registering never got me a password, so I’m doing this here.  So I guess my first request is […]