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Free and open texbook FAIL


An article this week (“Free College Texbooks: Fad or Fabulous?“) got me excited that truly free content might be making its way to a more mainstream use in education.  The company, Flat World Knowledge, promotes their content as being, “Created by experts … enhanced by users … free to all,” and they appear to be […]

Two reasons to read the Mentor Summit wiki


You may let go of your breath now, the wiki for the Google Summer of Code 2008 Mentor Summit is now available. (It took a little bit for all the mentors to have a chance to remove any content that was not intended for public view, since the original wiki had been mentors-only with people’s […]

Release note for disabling PC speaker actually in Fedora 10!


Lots of discussions about what to do with your PC speaker, I didn’t see anyone note that the CLI fix is described in the Fedora 10 Release Notes: Not sure how to make this easier to find.  Maybe a search for “fedora 10 pc speaker disable“? (Updated with fixed link/URL for the release note.)

Where are your FUDCon session notes?


One (of the many) things I appreciated about the last Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit was the immediate availability of session notes on the wiki.  For each session, people wrote a wiki page and linked to it from the main schedule.  I may even have started this practice two years ago, when only the […]

Moving toward a content management decision


While the wiki covers 90%+ of the content collaboration needs for Fedora, we continue to need a content management system (CMS) for the Docs Project.  A CMS gives us workflow tools that makes it easy to turn any contributor in to a publisher, while ensuring the ongoing quality of the content throughout the lifecycle of […]

The outside and inside of documentation, or, why aren’t you publishing on the Fedora wiki?


You may have noticed there is a larger world of free software outside of Fedora than inside.  The number of packages inside the Fedora Universe has really grown. You may have noticed there is a larger world of Fedora-specific how-to documentation outside of Fedora than inside.  A really huge amount.  You may notice that the […]

Functional areas of Docs Project


This is a blatent swipe of my original email to the list.  I’m revealing some of the interesting bits we’re going through in the Docs Project in improving our processes using the wiki in smart ways.  I’m hoping this is useful for other projects who want to renovate their presence on the Fedora wiki, which […]

Fedora 8 User Guide sees the light of day


As part of a general housecleaning and reorganization, the Docs Project did some work to bring the Fedora 8 version of the User Guide out of obscurity.  Originally destined for conversion to XML (to be translated, etc.), this guide has languished on the wiki in a draft location, unfindable and unloved.  No more! The […]

Docs virtual hackfest over the holidays


The Fedora Docs team is going to have a series of hackfest days over the coming holiday weeks.  Topics being so far include: Wiki training – how to, do this, don’t do that, etc. Conversion of an existing Fedora Docs guide to Publican Finishing of the F9 User Guide, possible conversion to XML Start work […]

ISV SIG pages receive love


Did a little clean-up of the page contents and naming for the independent software vendors (ISV) special interest group (SIG) pages. One of the goals I am pouring more personal resources in to is the recruitment and support of ISVs for getting packages in to Fedora.  Now that the Fedora 11 schedule is […]