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Two reasons to read the Mentor Summit wiki


You may let go of your breath now, the wiki for the Google Summer of Code 2008 Mentor Summit is now available. (It took a little bit for all the mentors to have a chance to remove any content that was not intended for public view, since the original wiki had been mentors-only with people’s […]

Where are your FUDCon session notes?


One (of the many) things I appreciated about the last Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit was the immediate availability of session notes on the wiki.  For each session, people wrote a wiki page and linked to it from the main schedule.  I may even have started this practice two years ago, when only the […]

Functional areas of Docs Project


This is a blatent swipe of my original email to the list.  I’m revealing some of the interesting bits we’re going through in the Docs Project in improving our processes using the wiki in smart ways.  I’m hoping this is useful for other projects who want to renovate their presence on the Fedora wiki, which […]

Fedora 8 User Guide sees the light of day


As part of a general housecleaning and reorganization, the Docs Project did some work to bring the Fedora 8 version of the User Guide out of obscurity.  Originally destined for conversion to XML (to be translated, etc.), this guide has languished on the wiki in a draft location, unfindable and unloved.  No more! The […]

ISV SIG pages receive love


Did a little clean-up of the page contents and naming for the independent software vendors (ISV) special interest group (SIG) pages. One of the goals I am pouring more personal resources in to is the recruitment and support of ISVs for getting packages in to Fedora.  Now that the Fedora 11 schedule is […]

Fedora wiki discussion list


At the wise prodding of Nigel, we created “Oh, dude,” you might say, “Why another freaking list?” Maybe you wonder why fedora-docs-list isn’t good enough, since Fedora Docs are the wiki gardeners? The scope of fedora-wiki@ is to be a moderate-level discussion list for everyone who edits the wiki. On the one hand, we […]

Wiki structure and naming decisions


After moving to the new MediaWiki, it quickly became obvious that the old, CamelCase naming and organization scheme was insufficient. It did not take advantage of the more powerful MediaWiki categorization and namespace capability, created page names that are hard to understand and translate, and pages in CamelCase are (ironically) not searched properly by MediaWiki. […]

Fedora CMS focus and scope


After my post, Why and where Fedora needs a CMS solution, which included a follow-up discussion on fedora-websites-list, there were questions and gentle dissent. I think those stemmed mainly from it not being clear what the intended scope is for a CMS solution. There were also calls for one or another specific CMS solution, which […]

Why and where Fedora needs a CMS solution


Since I answer these questions regularly, as has been this history of this discussion, I’m hammering it out in one location forevermore. A wiki is a lovely thing, in its own way and when used properly. It is a community documentation tool, making it very, very easy to collaborate on creating ad hoc or planned […]

Wiki update – lost content and l10n


This week I answered a question about lost content on the new wiki after the migration, from a contributor concerned about content randomly lost across the wiki and no one knowing it is gone. His suggestion was programmatic, that is, fix the migration script for where it dropped content and do some kind of re-import […]