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Sadly skipping SCALE 9x, too


Similar to how things worked out for me and FUDCon this year, I have to cancel attending SCALE 9x this year. I had a talk to give, “Decentralized Collaboration with Open Source Tools: Technical and Cultural Implementation“, which thankfully Robyn Bergeron is giving on Sunday, and I’m sure it will be at least three times […]

FUDCon from far afield


While it’s great to see all the enthusiasm and noise from FUDCon, I am sadly observing it all from a far distance … along with 99.9% of the rest of the Fedora Project. I had to cancel my plans to be there in Tempe, AZ this weekend, as well as an earlier this week in-person […]

Big weekend in Utah


It’s the last day flurry around here as we get ready for Utah Open Source Conference (UTOSC) this weekend. On Wednesday, my girls and Larry and his girl are catching a train in Emeryville, CA.  It’s a 19 hour journey to Salt Lake City, which seems long but is only 7 more hours each way […]

SETICON and setiQuest Summit this Saturday


This week I got a great surprise, my friend Jeff scored me an invite to the setiQuest Summit, held this weekend at SETICON in Santa Clara.  The excitement is that, after all these years, the SETI team is open sourcing their code, including the algorithms used to scan telescope data for signs of extraterrestrial life.  […]

OSCON and CLS 2010 highlights


As usual, when I get back from a big conference and trip, my mind is full processing everything that happened, and my life is full recovering from the effects of the travel.  Instead of a full report right here and now, I’m going to give a quick highlight of the latter part of July 2010. […]

Attending Fedora 13 release party in Walnut Creek

29-May-10 If you are going, see you there. Tomorrow morning I’ll get some goodies from Larry Cafiero up in Felton, and our media selection is going to be hand burned DVDs and CDs.  Doubt we have any labels, so a Fedora sticker and a permanent ink pen it is … I’ll bring a few ISOs […]

Open Source Bridge and the evolution of the Catalyst in Communities talk


Working on the next evolution of my talk “Being a Catalyst in Communities – The science behind the open source way” for Open Source Bridge next week in Portland.  It was originally given as a SCALE 8X keynote, and it’s mostly me representing Red Hat.  I’m busy reworking the slides based on feedback I got […]

Six slides about The Open Source Way


After a colleague asked me for a few slides about the handbook The Open Source Way: Creating and nurturing communities of contributors, I realized I needed to put together a shorter presentation (with notes!) that could be reused.  As it so happens, I also need some slides for an upcoming online seminar, Open Your World […]

Summer coding FAD


On the Friday of SCALE 8x we had a Fedora Activity Day (FAD) focused on getting ready for Google Summer of Code 2010.  As usual, we had people drop by to see what was going on, since “activity day” is an unclear bit of clubspeak.  (By clubspeak, I mean the language we use as insiders […]

First keynote – crush or trash at #SCALE8x?


This past Saturday I gave my first keynote at the eighth Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 8x), and I was pretty pleased with the results.  Informal survey says I crushed it, but you can take a look yourself below.  (Part 1 and Part 2) Overall, the keynote went great.  No real glitches and I survived […]